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o   “Large Shareholders, Monitoring and the Value of the Firm” with M. Burkart and F. Panunzi, Quarterly Journal of Economics (1997)

o   “Selection in Dynamic Entry Games” with JP. Ponssard and D. Sevy, Games and Economic Behavior (1997)

o   “Why Higher Takeover Premia Protect Minority Shareholders” with M. Burkart and F. Panunzi, Journal of Political Economy (1998)

o   “On the Strength of Corporate Cultures” with J. Carrillo, European Economic Review (1999)

o   “Agency Conflicts in Public and Negotiated Transfers of Corporate Control” with M. Burkart and F. Panunzi, Journal of Finance (2000)

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o   “A Model of Financial Market Liquidity Based on Intermediary Capital” with D. Vayanos, Journal of the European Economic Association (2010).

o   “Limits of Arbitrage: The State of the Theory” with D. Vayanos, Annual Review of Financial Economics (2010).

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o   “Arbitrage and Its Limits” with D. Vayanos, The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, forthcoming.





o   “Is One Share - One Vote Optimal?”  

o   “Renegotiation in Debt Contracts”

o   “Innovation and Dynamic Entry Deterrence” with D. Sevy

o   “Debt Design, Liquidation Value and Monitoring” with M. Burkart and F. Panunzi

o   “Entrepreneurship in Equilibrium” with D. Scharfstein

o    “The Dynamics of Delegated Expertise” with D. Martimort

o   “Financially Constrained Arbitrage and Cross-market Contagion” with D. Vayanos.

o   “Liquidity Dry-ups: A Framework and Policy Implications” with D. Vayanos.

o    “The Dynamics of Financially Constrained Arbitrage,” with D. Vayanos.





o   “The ‘Limits to Arbitrage’ Agenda” with D. Vayanos, VOX, April 10, 2010. VOX is CEPR’s policy portal.

o   Les limites de l’arbitrage : un nouveau paradigme en Finance with D. Vayanos, forthcoming in La Jaune et la Rouge, special issue on the implications of the crisis for Economics. J&R is the magazine of Ecole Polytechnique alumni.

o   “Back to School”, Wall Street Journal June 2010 article on how finance theories must account for the crisis.





o   “Infineon: Time to Cash-in Your Chips?” with J. Peress

In late 2011, Infineon, the German semiconductor giant, is sitting on a EUR 2.4 billion cash balance representing 40% of its assets. As part of a financial policy review, management is receiving conflicting advice from different quarters as to whether to pay out some of the cash holdings, how much and by which methods.

o   “Prada’s Hong Kong IPO” with A. Di Giuli




o   MBA: Financial Markets and Valuation, Applied Corporate Finance, Value Creation in Corporate Restructurings.

o   Executive Education: ABN AMRO – INSEAD Private Banking Certification Programme

o   PhD: Corporate Finance Theory.




o   My former PhD students: Jeffrey Bevelander, Chris Couch (where are you?), Adolfo DeMotta (McGill), Martin Gonzalez Eiras, Jennifer Huang (Texas Austin), Li Jin (HBS), Arvind Krishnamurthy (Northwestern), Augustin Landier (Toulouse School of Economics), Jan Mahrt-Smith (Toronto), Robert Marquez (Boston University), Oguzhan Ozbas (USC), Rong Leng, Jason Sturgess (Georgetown), Oguzhan Karakas (Boston College), Claudia Custodio (Arizona State University), Moqi Xu (LSE), Alminas Zaldokas (HKUST).


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